I descended into cyberspace.

I was working on a take-home midterm last night when I passed out and didn’t save my work. My computer shut off by itself.

but even at this point I’m not worried at all because I know that Microsoft office does this nice thing of restoring files that weren’t saved the next time you open up Word. 

which is what I did. But for some reason, I thought I had my document saved. I accidentally typed into my document and began to exit out to reopen it (i have no idea what I was doing and why I was doing such deed) but when it asked me if I wanted to save it, I was like “uh. no. cuz it has a mistake in it hehe” 

and. I. clicked. no.

and it still didn’t register in my brain what had just happened and I tried reopening the document and I realized:


but I am SO thankful that there are ways to recover lost documents in the abyss of the recycle bin and digging through folders that I never thought existed. and so thankful for Google (and all other search engines) and for all the techies who make tutorials for lost souls like me and for yahoo answers to make me feel better about my stupidity lol.

as of now, my midterm has been saved as “midterm,” safe and sound.

God is too good T^T yea, I think it’s easier to be thankful for big things, but man…it’s the little moments of grace where you just duck your head down in bashfulness and awe and say

"sigh … God, you even cared about that little, trivial thing? You’re too good. Too good. Thank You…"