The Little Joys in Life

I used to feel bummed about my AB blood type (i’m either a genius or crazy if you go by asian stereotypes) because all I do is take everyone’s blood and share with no one :( What’s the point of having a rare blood type if all I do is take take take? Lucky O’s…

but i just discovered that I am a universal plasma/platelet donor. So now I give “just as equally” (?) as I receive hehe. Here’s to a random “yay I’m an AB” pump-up moment. 


I cling to the cross

And everything it means.

I know it’s the only hope there is for saving me; 

for without Your great mercy

I would be forever lost…

with a thankful heart I come

and cling to the cross. 

-Matt Redman, Paul Baloche — I Cling to the Cross

What I love about this song is the underlying message of complete love and adoration. “You’re everything I could want, that I could need. And I can just feel Your touch, and I can’t breathe.”

We often hear the cheesy sayings of something or someone being so breathtaking. And I love how this song takes this phrase and places it with the One who truly deserves it: 

God, You are so holy, You are so lovely, You are my Redeemer, Healer, Savior…You are my everything. I am so in love with You. You take my breath away. 

What I Saw

Behind me was darkness

Up ahead, glory

Half my face covered by shadows

The other faintly embraced by light

Behind me was madness

Up ahead, sanity

Three quarters of my heart chained

One small quarter still beating

Behind me was bitterness

Up ahead, a sorrowful gaze
Lies that I am forgotten

Truth that I am not
Behind me was bitterness
Up ahead, an outstretched hand
The demons, they taunted me
The Savior, He beckoned me

When Your Wants and Needs Have Yet to Agree

It’s not that I am not grateful for Your grace and for Your mercy.

It’s just that…for ONCE. for once … I want to get something right. That I don’t need a slap on the hand to remind me that I’m doing wrong.

That I don’t need to find myself with my face in my hands because I did not try hard enough.

But ….

Your ways are higher. Your ways are wiser. Your ways are PERFECT.

May I never forget who I was. May I always remember that I am who I am because of Your grace. Because of Your mercy.

May I never live for one second thinking that I can do this on my own.

Where there is love
There is no room for fear
Where there is hope
Every doubt disappears
Where there is faith
Mountains ar cast away
Where there is love
All things are beautiful

I want to know the heights
I want to know the depths
I want to know the widths
And the lengths of Your love.

It’s been a long time since I last listend to Unhindered, which was at my last Acquire the Fire conference in 2009 (?). And it’s good to find them still producing such wonderful, good for the soul music :)